General Utilities

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Arcade General arcade utilities.
Computer Systems General utilities for computer systems.
Dreamcast General DreamCast utilities.
GameBoy General GameBoy utilities.
GameBoy Advance General GameBoy Advance Utilities
Gamecube Gamecube general utilities
Genesis General Sega Genesis Utilities
Jaguar General Atari Jaguar utilities.
Master System General Sega Master System utilities.
NeoGeo General NeoGeo Utilities
Nintendo General Nintendo Entertainment System utilities.
Nintendo 64 General Nintendo 64 Utilities
Playstation General Sony Playstation utilities.
Playstation 2 General Sony Playstation 2 utilities.
Sega CD General Sega CD Utilities
Super Nintendo General Super Nintendo Entertainment System utilities.
System Independent General utilities that aren't system-specific.
Turbo Grafx 16 General Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine utilities.