Nintendo 64 Utilities

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Name Description
Blade64 ini Editor A little program that can update and manage ini files for Blade64 (a Nintendo64 Emulator). Use it to make your own ini files for the emulator.
DiniEd Enables a person to easily edit and maintain the Daedalus ini file.
N64 Shell By Foxivision & Pope-X . It is a Nintendo 64 RS232 loader,lightbar & name identification utility. I haven't tried it.
Supra Hle Configurator This new Suprahle FrontEnd allows non 3dfx users to select and configure a glide wrapper between an 11 different glide wrappers variety. You can also configure several supra.ini settings. The file includes latest Supra Hle and related files, 11 glidewrappers and an installer.
UltraMSX2 This utility allows you to convert MSX2 ROMs over to be played on an N64.