Nintendo Utilities

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Name Description
cajoNES THE Definitive NES rom utility, converts .nes to .fam and to pasofami format and vice versa, also cleans out headers in roms so they work in iNES .7 GET THIS NOW! you will NOT regret it. This is also the final release since there's not much left to do.
Famicom Converter This nifty little utility will help you change pasofami formatted nes roms into famicom format roms for use with the Famicom Nintendo Emulator.
Game Genie Code Inserter This program allows you to open an NES rom and type a game genie code. The program converts it to a hex address and puts a value into it. The change is permanant, so be sure to make a backup before you start adding cheat codes.
iNES Cart Header Tool This is a rather comprehensive utility for viewing and editing iNES headers on NES ROMs. The GUI makes everything very simple to change, so this is perfect for those not wanting to mess with a commandline to change the header on their NES ROM.
NESimage By far the most versatile nes utility ever created. This tool will convert the following nes rom images iNES, Pasofami, and FFE back and forth between each other. In other words, iNES -> Paso, FFE -> iNES, etc.
NESten&lt;-&gt;FCE Ultra Cheat Converter A program that converts cheat files between the FCE Ultra and NESten formats. Only works for RAM-style cheats.
NSF Tool This utility lets you view/edit the NSF info tags, and batch rename NSF files using a user defined pattern. Nice little util with a good interface, feel free to try it out.
QND QND is a tool for the manipulation of iNES format NES ROM images. QND sports an easy to use TUI, support for the latest extensions to the iNES file format, and is constantly being updated. QND also can convert iNES format ROM images to Doctor PCJR format, a feature unique to QND. Other file formats will be added in the future. This utility is really cool, it can do a lot of useful and interesting things. This utility has been discontinued.
tniNES This is a utility like NESimage. It's an editor for the .nes rom header format, and it supports all mappers, including the extended mappers that fwNES uses. It has all kinds of other features, and support for Unisystem VS roms. This is a rather nice utility to have, it's worth the download.