Computer Systems Utilities

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Name Description
AmigaTRANS AmigaTRANS facilitates the easy transfer of files from an Amiga to a Win9x system over a standard serial cable.
Bremze A DOS utility for playing old computer games on a new fast machine. This program makes games like JumpJoe2 slow on your Pentium II so you can play it without it flying and not being able to control Joe. Have fun.
Disk2FDI Disk2FDI is the utility to read Amiga, Atari ST and PC formatted disks on your PC computer, without any specific hardware extension, except a second disk drive unit. It will save them as FDI files which will be supported in future releases of the Tand-Em and FAST emulators. ADF fileformat is also supported for Amiga-formatted disks. This is shareware.
DiskExplorer DiskExplorer is a utility to create images for PC Emulators such as PC9801, X68000 and MSX. A greek translation can be found at GreekRoms.
EX68000 Update This patch from KiWi_SLT for the X68000 computer emulator EX68 fixes a crash that occured on some computers when attempting to run the emulator.
Goat Tracker This is a tracker to create C64 .prg and .sid files. Read the readme carefully.
Mo'Slo Mo'Slo lets you to slow the speed of your computer to 1-99% of normal in 1% increments. It's especially useful for anyone wanting to run extremely old programs on a newer PC and is also useful for easier speed adjustment of emulators on high speed computers.
WinXDF Similar to DiskExplorer, this utility allows you to browse *.xdf files for X68000. It's in Japanese, however, so your mileage may vary.