Arcade Utilities

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Name Description
AdvanceCAB This is a collection of various utilities to help the use of a PC with Arcade Monitors or TVs. Part of this colletion are: AdvanceVBE, AdvanceVGA, AdvanceVIDEO, AdvancePORTIO, AdvanceOFF.
AdvanceCOMP AdvanceCOMP is a collection of recompression utilities for your .ZIP roms, .PNG snapshots and .MNG clips.
CHEATER This program allows you to create cheats for Nebula. It will scan the CPS2 RAM to find specified values.
FBA Cheat File Replacement fbcheat.dat file for Final Burn Alpha with updated and fixed cheats.
MAME Cheat File Replacement cheat file for MAME with updated and fixed cheats.
MAME Runner This is a good utility for M.A.M.E., but it's in Japanese.
MAMEDiff MAMEDiff is a tool that helps you identify rom related changes in each MAME Distribuition.
Mameinfo.dat This is a MAME Data file. Compile your MAME version with the modified source in the Mameinfo.dat-Zip to display Mameinfo-, Driverinfo-, History.dat and the *new* MAME STATISTICS. It has faster textscroll and the TAB menu selector shows on GAME MAMEINFO at startup.! This update Mameinfo.dat to the newest version.
Nebula/Kawaks Cheat Archive An archive of cheat files you can use with the CPS-1 & CPS-2 emulators Nebula & Kawaks for Windows.
Nebula/Kawaks Transparencies Pack Nebula/Kawaks Transparencies Packs are files that can be used with the arcade emulators Nebula and Kawaks for Windows to give certain games special effects.
NPlayers This allows you to list games in MAME based on the number of players allowed.
PCM to WAV Converter From Juan Carlos comes a PCM to WAV converter. This is mainly for ripping the sounds from Neo*Geo games, but it also can rip sounds from certain CPS1 games and some MAME games like Rastan.
Redump ReDump is a tool to convert the "old" MGD2 NeoGeo dumps to the MVS format. Very good.
winterblast's Zinc Controller Utility to allow use of a controller with the ZiNc emulator. It also adds Kaillera support to ZiNc.
Zinc Trainer Utility that allows you to change the region of some of the games in the ZiNc emulator, as well as enable cheats.