GameBoy Utilities

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Name Description
Gameboy Tool Strips Smart Card headers from gameboy roms so you can use the rom with gameboy emulators and disassemblers.
gbdelogo gbdelogo is a utility that can destroy or restore the Nintendo logo data header in a GameBoy ROM. It does not change any other headers, including the ROM's checksum.
GBReader A source to a simple program that reads the header of a gameboy rom.
GBView This utilites allows you to view information about your GB rom like Internal version, Region code, Internal name, etc.
No$GMB SNA Path Editor No$GMB SNA Path Editor (v1.0) is a simple utility that will correct the path of the ROM written in your SNA file downloaded from the net. It's a must have for people who like to download the No$GMB SNA files from the net but can never get them to work on the ROM.
Pokemon Pinball SRAM Editor A nice little utility that enables you to edit the SRAM for Pokemon Pinball. Portuguese Translation of Editor.
Virtual Gameboy Tools A small variety of virtual gameboy utilities by Mr. Marat Fayzullin that can help you do just about anything with gameboy roms. No documentation but they're all pretty simple to use.
Zelda Oracles Series: Secrets Generator This is a password generator program for both Zelda Oracles games for the GameBoy Color