System Independent Utilities

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Name Description
Appearance Manager
Boshi This is a cart expansion program, for SNES and Genesis, and limited for NES,an nes cart viewer which tells the mapper name.
EE Blitter Development Kit Development tool for use with Richard Bannister's Emulation Enhancer. Allows the ability to override any blitter effects in emulators and replace with your own. Recommended for developers only.
Emulation Enhancer Richard Bannister's former Blitter Library has been remade to work with the new shell for his emulator ports. This enhancer is shareware and adds a number of features including additional filters, full screen mode, USB gamepad support and more. Registration is $25 USD.
EMULib Marat Fayzullin's emulation library of various support chips, as well as machine-dependent code for graphics and sound.
FB Config Remaps the keys and tweaks the settings in your Final Burn INI file. A must-have for any serious Final Burn user.This is the Source code. (Visual Basic 6.0)
FF7 Savegame Converter This handy little tool converts Final Fantasy VII saves to and from Playstation Memory Card, DexDrive, and PC Save File formats. It requires an existing functional slot to operate on PSX saves.
JoyToKey This is a program from the person behind SNESshout. It emulates the keyboard in a way that you can map any game keyboard button onto a regular controller button. Great for those emulators not supporting joysticks (etc) out of the box.
Kaillera This is a utility that enables NetPlay in emulators. These are the servers binaries. The client binaries are coded into the emulators. Only some emulators are supported so to see which of 'em are, just check Kaillera's homepage. Also the Development Kit is now availiable to all Emulator authors so they can add Kaillera Support to their emu.
MOD2PSG Converts .mod files (ProTracker Modules) into a format playable by the Sega Master System .
Navigation Services
NEM Final Burn Config A nicely designed program that configures Final Burn. You'll need the Visual Basic 5 Runtime files to start it.
QuickROM It is a QuickView program for viewing ROM file information of Max OSX Leopard. Currently it shows many things one might like to know and supports more that aren't yet implemented, and supports NES, FDS, SNES, VB, GB, GBC, GBA, NDS, N64 and more planned.
Romulo This utility lets you search for MAME, CPS/2, GB, GBA, SNES and Genesis ROMs
Save State Cracker Save State Cracker is a utility to aid in save state, SRAM, and ROM hacking.
SMD&lt;-&gt;BIN This will convert your SMD files to BIN and your BIN files to SMD...exactly what the name indicates. Additionally, it allows editting of game country/region codes.The program requires either Mac OS 8.6+ with CarbonLib 1.2+ installed or simply Mac OS X 10.0+.