Super Nintendo Utilities

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Name Description
CHT Code Ripper This program converts ZSNES CHT files into an ASCII characters table. The source code code is included.
CHT Decoder This is another program which can convert your ZSNES CHT files into an ASCII characters table. It requires Java to run.
Final Fantasy II (US)/ IV (JP) SRAM Hacking Kit This is an SRAM hacking kit for Final Fantasy III (US).
Final Fantasy III SRAM Hacking Kit This is an SRAM hacking kit for Final Fantasy III (US).
GG2PAR This neato utility, written by Lord ESNES of NLKE and ESNES fame, converts Game Genie to Pro Action Replay codes.
SNES9x Save State Compressor/Decompressor This utility lets you compress/decompress SNES9x save states.
Snes9x Tool Well, this handy little program works as a UGE (Universal Game Editor) Module Converter, Snes9x Savestate Compressor, and a Savestate Decompressor.
SRAMConv A simple utility to strip the first 512 bytes of any Super WildCard copier SRAM file, to make them usable in an SNES emulator.
Super Metroid Editor A utility for editing the save states of super metroid. You can play with your equipment and the timer.
Text Output Utils I received these two utilities in the mail from a guy named TeleKawaru. They're pretty neat, they write large amounts of your ROMs' information to text files. HEADER.EXE will write a text file with the headers of all your ROMS, and COMPARE.EXE will compare all your ROMS and tell you if you have a duplicates, writing a text file of them.
vSNES vSNES is a multifunction program that acts similar to an SNES emulator, but also contains many useful tools.

Some tools include: A preview window that shows you the picture that is included in the savestate file, a palette viewer, a memory viewer, a scene viewer and a text viewer, among other things.

Z-Net Z-Net 2.x is a frontend type mIRC script designed for emulators supporting online multi-player. It ties in with preset channels for each emulator, and allows quick and easy multi-player games to be launched with its users. The emulators it supports are ZSNESW 1.36, ZSNESW 1.42, VirtualNES, Mupen64k, Gens2.14, and MAME32K, with the capability for support for more to be added by users.
ZST2SF7 With this tool you can convert your ZSNES ZST save states to GameDoctor SF7 format. GameDoctor is a device thatlets you transfer game data to and from your SNES and the release of this tool means that you can load archivedsave states on your actual SNES.