Genesis Utilities

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Name Description
GegC This helpful utility will convert your genem save game files to genecyst format and vise versa.
GenEdit This utility lets you edit your gamesaves for KGen & GenEm. It also supports editing the S-RAM of Genecyst & Magic Engine.
Gens HTML Help Wrapper This is a port of Official Manual to MS HTML Help (better than a standalone EXE), and a wrapper for use that file with Gens. Simply go to the "Bios/Misc. Files", and change the manual to "ManualXW.exe". Make sure that NanualXW.exe and Gens.chm are in the same folder, otherwise, it will not work.
GG2MD Game Gear 2 Mega Drive/Genesis Convertor is a tool that allows you to convert Game Gear ROMs into Megadrive/Genesis format ROMs playable on Genesis/MD emus.
GROM A Genesis utility that converts .smd files to .bin's, and other stuff. It also includes a source code, check it out.
Launch Tool WOW! this thing is great, thank god it was brought to my attention, better than MegaTool. It's a frontend for genesis emus in win95 with full header editing, my favorite feature is the "on the fly" ips patching, patch when you want it, unpatch when you dont very cool. A MUST have utility for genesis enthusiests
MegaTool A great DOS tool for GenEm used to edit Genesis rom headers. Nice format, and a good gui, very easy to use.
ROM Converter A utility to convert Genesis ROMs between the .smd and .bin format
ROM Header Editor Allows you to edit the header information of Genesis .bin ROMs
SBWin SBWin (Formerly SMD BIN Win) converts Genesis ROMs between the SMD, BIN and MD formats.
SCDConv SCDConv can be used to convert between the different country formats of Sega/Mega CD games. Check it out.
SEGA CD Movie Viewer SEGA CD Movie Viewer is a just as it's name says, it plays SEGA CD movies.
SegaGGGCC Wonderful utility which if used correctly allows you to edit/create and manage your OWN Sega Genesis Game Genie codes. But if you use it incorrectly, your computer will blow up.
TMPlay This is a shitty utility for Sega Saturn. It's very similar to PSXPlay, but it plays movie files for Sega Saturn (TrueMotion video.). Check it out.
Transfer Suite A group of programs and a simple link cable that allow the user to test homebrew and to dump Genesis and 32X cartridges.