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Name Description
Cygne The first Wonderswan Emulator has undergone massive improvements over its original DOS beta form. Currently the project is about as sophisticated as it can be due to the lack of information on the technical specifications of the Wonderswan.
MiracleMage The only WonderWitch emu known as of now, this emulates the home development kit system for the Japanese WonderSwan Color. Check out the site for more details!This patch for the Japanese version translates it into English.
Oswan A very good WonderSwan emulator, it emulates WonderSwan Mono and color, has a nice GUI, and good sound! It is based off the Cygne source code.This is an unofficial continuation of Oswan by PmHacks that improves sound and performance!
WonderScott This Wonderswan Emulator was released by the same team that makes Boycott Advance. The second Wonderswan emulator.
WSCamp This was the first WonderSwan emulator to feature sound, and it has very high compatibility rate. Probably the most accurate WonderSwan emulator yet.

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