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These really cool programs by Jair rip graphics tiles from an NES ROM and converts them into easy to edit Windows bitmaps. After that, you can use Graphics Inserter to put your modified tiles back into the ROM! Source included.

Author's website:

Operating System: DOS

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Extractor 10/15/98 19.04 KB Download
Inserter 10/15/98 18.92 KB Download


Danny says:
started it how does it work what do I do?

Nick says:
It doesn't open in dosbox or Windows. What do I do? In dos, it says Windows must be used,but this page says dos. Help, please.

Nerd says:
Honestly doubt anyone's even still seeing this, but if you have issues loading this program because of an error message about 64-bit windows, you can fix it with the source code easily. Just open the source code, change "void main()" to "int main()", dump a "return 0" before the corly brace on line 87, recompile, and it should work fine.

TheFallenWarrior says:
No prob in win 64.

lucian cassidy says:
idk how to do it

s says:
it's not working for me in windows 7 SP1 x64

Goose says:
when it asks you what file to extract from. no matter what you type, it says it can't find it. what directory is it even looking in? I even tried copying the rom to the same folder as the extractor and nothing.

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