NES Utilities

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Name Description
Graphics Extractor and Inserter These really cool programs by Jair rip graphics tiles from an NES ROM and converts them into easy to edit Windows bitmaps. After that, you can use Graphics Inserter to put your modified tiles back into the ROM! Source included.
NAPIT This is program for converting an entire NES rom to a bitmap, allowing you to edit it, and reconverting it to a rom again. Requires the Microsoft .NET framework to run.
Nes Pallette Editor Nes Palette Editor is a program where you can cycle through a NES rom almost like a hex editor and edit any box that you click on. And also by looking at the rom in the editor you may be able to find where the palette is and edit that.
NESRomTool The Mac counterpart to NAPIT, this is a sprite insertion and extraction utility. You can also view the sprites in the terminal window.
ReadChar This nifty little utility allows you to view a nes image's sprite data (chr) and is useful if you need to know where the image's chr pages begin and end, if it has chr data seperate or embedded in the prg itself.
Xchar Xchar by the creators of Xlate is a tile editor for rom images. Basically what that means is that with this, you can make your own sprites in effect completely changing an already created game. This has been know as 'Hacking' roms and if used correctly can come out very nice, and extremely fun.