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DatUtil was created to aid in the creation of dat files for Rom Managers such as ClrMamePro and RomCenter (Roman Scherzer / Eric Bole-Feysot). It can convert between formats, compare dats, extract individual games (and optionally their clones), cleanse dats etc. It currently handles a wide variety of formats including MAME Listinfo (used by ClrMamePro), RomCenter 1 and 2 Datafiles, MESS Listinfo, RAINE Gameinfo, Shark Listinfo, Retrocade Romlist, Callus Gamelist, System16 GCS, JFF.TXT, Sparcade RAT, JAS Romlist, Mimic. Adding support for additional formats is really easy too if you know a little bit of C.

Author's website: http://www.logiqx.com

Operating System: Windows

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v2.41 07/11/2008 200.70 KB Download

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