Arcade Utilities

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Name Description
AdvanceSCAN AdvanceSCAN is a command line rom manager for MAME, MESS, AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and Raine.
ckmame ckmame is a nifty utility for checking MAME rom sets. Source code, so compile it on whatever you want, you'll need zlib (equal or greater than 1.1.3) and either Berkeley db or GNU gdbm. There's nice documentation slathered everywhere also.
ClrMamePro ClrMamePro is a little tool for Windows. It cleans your M.A.M.E. directories. It reports missing games, roms and samples, wrong sized/spelled/unnecessary files ... and much more. Some additional datfiles are available at the ClrMAMEPro website (in case of MFC42 and MD5 and SHA1 errors). Last release: 2010-10-09
CPS-2 DAT Logiqx DAT files for CMPro and ROMCenter. These DAT files are used to maintain and organize CPS2 roms.
DatUtil DatUtil was created to aid in the creation of dat files for Rom Managers such as ClrMamePro and RomCenter (Roman Scherzer / Eric Bole-Feysot). It can convert between formats, compare dats, extract individual games (and optionally their clones), cleanse dats etc. It currently handles a wide variety of formats including MAME Listinfo (used by ClrMamePro), RomCenter 1 and 2 Datafiles, MESS Listinfo, RAINE Gameinfo, Shark Listinfo, Retrocade Romlist, Callus Gamelist, System16 GCS, JFF.TXT, Sparcade RAT, JAS Romlist, Mimic. Adding support for additional formats is really easy too if you know a little bit of C.
MARRT This interesting little utility allows you filter out "adult" games from your MAME ROMs collection. It uses data collected by this site to decide which ROMs contain adult content. Use caution, as the authors will not be held responsible for any files erroneously lost.
ROMBuild ROMBuild is a ROM manipulation tool that is capable of creating ROMs for the older arcade emus using MAME ones. An example of this is by splitting ROMs in two or joining two together but ROMBuild supports much more than this. It can can split, join, extract, fill, patch, pad, interleave etc but to you the user that doesn't really matter. The important thing is that MAME ROMs go in and ROMs for another emulator come out. :) Last update: 2009-01-08
RomManager It's a mIRC script that allows you to display the status of your Emulation-related collections in an IRC channel. The interesting part is that you can also ask for people's stats, to compare your totals, and know which of your database needs to be updated/filled (and who can help you in this task ;) )
SetCleaner SetCleaner is a freeware arcade emulator utility for M.A.M.E., Raine, Callus, System16, Rage and M72. It can delete useless files and fix those files which report a wrong length. It can delete automatically incorrect or unknown Gamesets. Check it out.
SortInfo SortInfo is a utility that allows you to import MAME -listinfo output and catver.ini data, and organize, select, delete and export all the info. This utility is very useful for lists and more. Check it out.