a Nintendo - SNES Emulator on the Windows platform

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This emulator can play many commercial games, and also has Mode7 scaling effects, along with HiROM support, decent sound, and more. It is written in a mix of C, C++ and assembly. Most emulation routines are done in assembly. It's quite slow, so brace yourself. It was discontinued by Savoury SnaX, but TRAC never stopped working on it, so private betas were still being released.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
SNEeSe v0.853 08/28/2006
Windows 32-bit 681.35 KB Download
SNEeSe v0.853 08/28/2006
DOS 686.74 KB Download
SNEeSe v0.853 Source 08/28/2006
Source Code 389.50 KB Download

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