Texas Instruments - TI-xx Series Emulators

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Name Description
Mac-81 Mac-81 is a basic TI-81 emulator for Mac; useful if you occasionally need to graph functions. Easy to set up and use.
MacTiger MacTiger is a TI-92 calculator emulator for Mac. It supports all major functions of the TI-92 (3D graphing, indefinite integrals, etc).
MacV9T9 MacV9T9 is a port of a TI99 emulator to MacOS. It supports the TI99 filesystem. ROMs required to run.
TI-85 Emulator The TI-85 Emulator is a basic TI-85 emulator; it runs the functions of a TI-85 with little hassle.

Texas Instruments - TI-xx Series Emulators on Other Platforms

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