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Name Description
AdvanceMAME AdvanceMAME is a version of MAME that is specially enhanced for increased compatibility with TV displays, arcade and fixed-frequency monitors. It is supposed to improve video support. Only catch is that you have to compile it yourself.
CPS2Mame CPS2Mame ported to Macintosh. It supports every game like CPS2Mame for DOS does. This version is better that the Linux version when it comes to updating speed (Same day as DOS Version) and also games support (Also same as DOS Version). This updated version requires OSX or CarbonLib w/ OS 8.6/9.X.
GeoMAME This is an unofficial Neo Geo enhanced port of MacMAME, formerly NeoMame PPC, only running NeoGeo ROMs.
MacMAME This emulator is literally the be-all of multi-arcade emulators. It supports over 4,000 (yes, you read that right) different games. It is kept in sync very well with the DOS version of MAME. Just a few minor porting glitches.
MacMAME Unofficial This is an unofficial Japanese build of MacMame.
MacPacMAME This is a port of PacMAME to the Macintosh. It runs most versions of PacMan and Ms PacMan and many of their hacks.
MacYAME This is a port of YAME to the Mac. It's a multiconsole emulator, and all the documentation is in Japanese. It supports TurboGrafx 16, NES, SNES and Gameboy.
MAME Plus! MAME Plus is an unofficial, enhanced build of the regular MAME emulator.
sdlMAME This is rBelmont's port of sdlmame to the macintosh. It's a very up to date port as of this writing, and has all the features you'd expect of MAME.

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