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Name Description
Basilisk II This emulator will let you run old school Macintosh operating systems on your new fangled computer. It supports Mac Classic (which runs MacOS 0.x thru 7.5) and the Mac II (which runs MacOS 7.x, 8.0 and 8.1) series of computers. This of course depends on the copies of the ROM you use. Features include CD-ROM, Ethernet, color display emulation, floppy drivers, sound, and a host of other features.
Mini vMac This is a Macintosh Plus emulator which has an impressively small footprint on the host system. It has now superseded its predecessor, vMac.

It requires a Macintosh Plus BIOS ROM to run, which is not included for copyright reasons.
SheepShaver I'll let the author take it away:
"SheepShaver is a MacOS run-time environment for BeOS and Linux that allows you to run classic MacOS applications inside the BeOS/Linux multitasking environment. This means that both BeOS/Linux and MacOS applications can run at the same time (usually in a window on the BeOS/Linux desktop) and data can be exchanged between them. If you are using a PowerPC-based system, applications will run at native speed (i.e. with no emulation involved). There is also a built-in PowerPC emulator for non-PowerPC systems. "

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