Other Utilities

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Name Description
GBSUM GBSUM is a simple program which recalculates the checksum of any given GameBoy ROM image and writes it back to the ROM. This will make modified/hacked ROMs work on emulators that require the checksum value to be correct.
HebeGB A complete and total overhaul of the already awesome GBU Pro, this incredible gameboy utility does anything and everything with your gameboy roms. You won't need any other gameboy utilities. HebeGB is user-friendly, yet powerful. It includes a help system inside, and will make manipulating Gameboy ROMs a pleasure instead of a major hassle. As of version 2.5 it has received a total revamp and all major problems and bugs should be fixed.
HebeGB9x Well, and you thought the original HebeGB was good; this one is incredible! I actually don't see any need for improvement here! This utility can do everything from creating gamelists to fixing the checksums of your Gameboy ROMs! Unlike most other ROM manipulation utilities, this one is pleasant to the eye, instead of your typical mode 3h icky text graphics. One of the backgrounds is a calm blue purple, with Megaman and Dr. Wily adorning it, instead of your typical mess of colored ascii. It displays every little detail about your Gameboy ROM, and lets you edit them ad lib. If you're looking for a Gameboy ROM manipulator, look no further, as RiGaMoRTiS PRoDuCTioNZ provides the only one you will ever need. As of version 2.5 it has received a total revamp and all major problems and bugs should be fixed.
Jabba This utility is made to aid the rom hacker in simple SNES ROM expansion. This utility was coded in C and includes the source code. Check it out.
Lunar Address This is a SNES address converter much like HEX2SNES with some additional features.
Lunar Compress This is a comprehensive DLL development package written to deal with compression in various roms for multiple systems.
Lunar Expand This is a program that expands SNES roms.
PokePic This program can be used to decompress data in some Game Boy Advance games which use the internal LZ77 compression algorithm. Notably, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.
SegaTool This sucker can literally do ANYTHING to a Genesis rom, ANYTHING, go ahead try it, you need it, i think this should be required to all genesis emulator users.
SnesTool Similar to SegaTool, heck, it's made by the same people, SnesTool can do just about anything to a rom. A requirement in my book to all snes emulation enthusiasts.
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (PC) Abe's Exoddus Save Editor A fun little utility made by the Oddworld Forums' own LIJI. This can edit things like statistics (for example, the number of escapees) and alter and place items. Big thanks to LIJI, his hard work is not unappreciated.