SNES Utilities

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Game Name Description
Angelique Angelique Tile Editor The Angelique Tile Editor is a basic hex editor that allows pasting as hex into 18-byte records in the game Angelique for a special text output system. It is unknown if this will prove useful with other Super Famicom games.
Bust-A-Move Shampoo This is an editor for the SNES version of Bust-A-Move. You can modify the number of lives you have, the number of hits you need to kill a boss, and the layout of all 100 levels.
Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Shop Keeper CTshopkeeper will change the items in the stores throughout the SNES game Chronotrigger.
Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Item Name Editor This is a text editor that lets you change names of Techs and Magic spells within the game.
Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Text Editor This program can be used to edit text, like dialog and save titles, within Chrono Trigger as well as edit items, techs/magic and enemy names.
Chrono Trigger Crone This editor allows for the easy editing or all enemies in Chronotrigger.
Chrono Trigger CTENED CTENED changes enemy and monster stats. Has a freindly DOS interface.
Chrono Trigger Gears This is a fairly extensive package of editors for Chrono Trigger for the SNES. Included is a shop editor, character editor, monster editor, and a text editor.
Chrono Trigger Temporal Flux This editor edits thing no other CT editor can... It can edit level data for the overworld, different locations, in-game text, and EVENTS! If you ever wanted to create a new game using the Chrono Trigger engine, this is the way to do it. Requires Microsoft's .NET v1.1 Framework to use.ChickenLump's Temporal Flux Manual..covers the basics of using the editor.
Clock Tower Clock Tower Text Edit Clock Tower Text Edit, allows you to change text inside the english-translated Clock Tower ROM.
Earthbound Dont Care Editor and EB Text Compressor This is a text editor for Earthbound SNES that makes a very difficult process seemingly easy to use. This editor also has a Dont Care Entry editor.
Earthbound EarthBound Map Editor An Earthbound editor with a ton of features, this program allows you to edit maps, doors, sprite placement, and the Text Pointer Table.
Earthbound EarthBound Sprite Editor The EarthBound Sprite Editor lets you easily edit 1144 sprites that appear in the SNES RPG, EarthBound.
Earthbound EarthBound Store Editor This editor lets you edit all the stores in the game.
Earthbound Earthbound Text Editor This utility lets you edit the text in EarthBound.
Earthbound PK Hack This is a very capable editor for EarthBound, a SuperNes game. It allows editting for enemies, items, graphics, text, events, and more. Give it a try.
Final Fantasy 2/4 ff4h SRAM Hacker FF4h is used to hack Final Fantasy 4 / Final Fantasy 2 us SRAM files. It doesn't have graphical capacities, but it decodes and modifies the essential information contained in the battery backup file and corrects the checksums after modifications. In short, it's the prequel to FF3h.
Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy 3 Sprite Editor A program written in Visual basic, will allow you to edit the sprite enemies and espers of your Final Fantasy 3US game.
Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy III Multi Editor This program lets you edit the monsters and spells, and much more from Final Fantasy III (US).
Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy III Shop Editor This editor lets you edit the shops in the US version of Final Fantasy 3.
Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy III Sprite Editor This editor lets you edit all the playable sprites in FF III (US).
Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy III Weapon Tool This editor lets you easily edit the weapon palletes of FF3 without the use of a hex editor, as well as what sprite is used, Sound effect, weapon attack graphic, and many other properties for every weapon in FF3.
Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy III US Editor Final Fantasy III US Editor Hack This editor is incomplete (as most work-in-progress emulators are), but the current version lets you change basically everything from the script to the map to even the weapon attributes. Very useful... Here is a hack by Eizneckam which fixes the character editor, dialogue editor, magic editor. Lots of goodies have been added as well.
Final Fantasy 3 Mac Thing This utility allows you to modify the text in Super Nintendo files. Actually, only Final Fantasy III. Who's to say how much more will be done?
Final Fantasy 3/6 ff3h SRAM Hacker FF3h is used to hack Final Fantasy 6 / Final Fantasy 3 us SRAM files. Filled with features (able to modify a huge amount of information).
Final Fantasy 4 FF4 Tools A Javascript FF4 editor by Phoenix Hacks. It is a Text Editor, an Event Editor, and a Map Editor. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a hex editor.
Final Fantasy 5 (J) Final Fantasy 5 Multi Editor This lets you edit many of the things in Final Fantasy 5.
Harvest Moon HME This level editor for Harvest Moon comes in three parts (The Ranch editor, Mountain Editor, and Building Editor.) This is the source code (Visual Basic) to an older version of HME.
Harvest Moon HME Dialogue Editor This is a script editing program (part of the HME series). It allows you to edit the text in Harvest Moon. Its beta right now, so remember to back up your roms before you use it.
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past zcompress Zelda Compression Tool that can decompress/extract and recompress/insert the graphics in Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's based on the compression code from Lunar Magic, with a small modification to adjust for a difference in Zelda's format.
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Zelda Script Editor The Zelda Script editor is just as the name states, a script editor for the SNES version of A Link to the Past.
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Hyrule Magic This is an editor for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. You can edit just about everything, including overworld, music, sprites, some event points, and much more.
Panic in Nakayoshi World NaCHAOShi This is a level editor for Panic in Nakayoshi World
Sailor Moon RPG Sailor Moon RPG Map Editor This is a nice editor that covers pretty much everything except for sprite editing/placement. The shell of this code was used for the creation of the later, greater Super Mario World Editor, Lunar Magic.
Shadowrun Shadowrun SSE This is a ZSNES savestate editor for Shadowrun created by Saprophytic. It edits quite a bit about your character, including weapons, armor, skills, the amount of Nuyen you possess, and more. This program requires COMCTL32.OCX and TABCTL32.OCX.
Super Mario Kart mKedit This is a Mario Kart track editor with many features. You will need the Lunar compress utility to use this editor(Not included). Also this zip contains the source. Visual Basic 6 runtime files not included.
Super Mario Kart Track Designer This is a facelift editor for the game Super Mario Kart. This editor has many features. Mainly it edits all 24 tracks in the game. 20 normal tracks and 4 battle tracks. Also you can edit the tile sets and music.
Super Mario RPG Lazy Shell Makes use of the documents below to create an interface that can manage all stats, level maps, scripts and sprites currently. The purpose of the hacks posted here is to put the application to the most comprehensive test possible, and to demonstrate its capacity to edit a ROM. Many bugs have been discovered and fixed because of this. Written in C#
Super Mario RPG PIPES PIPES - Plumbing Italian Predator Editing Studio is a monster editor for Super Mario RPG that can edit names, stats and weaknesses.
Super Mario RPG Super Mario RPG Shop Editor This simple utility from HighT1mes lets you edit the item prices at the shops over the Mushroom Kingdom. You can base it on gold or Frog coins.
Super Mario World Lunar Magic This is the first Super Mario World for SuperNES level editor, complete with graphical GUI.
Super Mario World Super Mario World Overworld Editor This editor will allow you to change which 8 x 8 graphic tiles are used for the main overworld background layer and also (with cdedit and cdedit2) change which 8 x 8 tiles are used for the "change" events which is when the main overworld background layer changes after you complete a level. Full documentation is in the .TXT files in the archive.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island EggVine EggVine is an editor for Yoshi's Island that lets you edit screen exits, objects, sprites and headers. Be sure to have VB6 runtimes installed.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Ycompress Although not itself an editor, this tool will allow you to dump the graphics of Yoshi's Island for use in other tile editors. In addition, it will allow you to reinsert the graphics once they have been edited.
Super Metroid SABS SABS (Samus Aran's Beauty Salon) is a Super Metroid Editor. Currently it edits the HP of most enemies, and has buggy, yet present, text editting, and more. Try it out.
Super Metroid SMILE SMILE (Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor) is a Super Metroid level editor by Jathys. It's an early stages, but looking better with every update.
Tecmo Super Bowl 3 Tecmo Super Bowl III Manager A Win 9x utility that lets you open up the SNES Tecmo Super Bowl 3 ROM and edit it. It's an extremely easy-to-use, yet very powerful little utility!
Tetris Attack Block Edit From the creator of some final fantasy save state editors, comes Block Edit. Block edit edits the .ZST of ZSNES save states for Tetris Attack, and lets you make the best combo's ever. Check it out! This is a cool editor to try..
Top Gear 2 TG2Edit A neat little Save State Editor that allows you to edit the car parts, and amount of money you have in your Top Gear 2 ROM for SNES.