SNES Utilities

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Name Description
BgMapper A fabulous tool for mapping enthusiasts, BGMapper allows for viewing tiles and background images saved in .ZST-format Save States, including large Mode7-style maps. It includes facilities for exporting, as well.
Killer Instinct Image Explorer This utility lets you decode images in the Killer Instinct ROM. You can dump sprite data and intro movie frames, and possibly much more.
MrClick's HiColEd Similar to Killer Instinct Image Explorer, this views 16bpb bitmap graphics from the Killer Instinct hard drive image.
Pic2SNES This program converts standard graphics formats into SNES tile format. I haven't tried it.
SMC-Ripper This is a good sprite editor with a nice GUI. It supports 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 bitplanes SNES tiles and NES tiles. It also has some palette tools.
SNES Palette Editor A program which allows you to change the colors that are used in a rom.
Sprite Edit A sprite editor for SNES ROMs. The palette is horrible, and so is the GUI. But, it does work. Take a look for yourself. You can change bitplanes, and colors. First one I've seen for Win9x.
SpriteView This little program lets you view sprites saved in Save States of SNES games from ZSNES. It also lets you view sprites from roms of the N64, NES, Genesis, TG16, Virtual Boy, and even Windows Icons. Although it doesnt let you edit them, it still is nice, and who knows, it might be big one day.
Tiler This program is sorta like TileView, although with Tiler, it supports more layers, has a nice mouse driven GUI, and runs at a better resolution. Check them both out.
TileView This little program lets you view tiles saved in Save States of SNES games. Although it doesnt let you edit them, you can still view mode 7 graphics, which other programs do not have that option.