Super Nintendo Utilities

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Popular Utilities

Name Description
NSRT TODO later.

Other Utilities

Name Description
InSNESt This utility is for SNES copiers for ROMs. It is the most advanced ROM utility for the SNES to date. Check it out, it has many features. Also, it gives you the feel of many other utilities.
Killem This little program is great for nuking all the protections placed on snes roms, such as Pal and slowrom protections. This utility is very handy.
NSRTj This is an online Java front-end for NSRT, and as such works on any system with a Java VM installed. It has a nice GUI and is easy to use. NSRT must be on your system locally for it to work.
SMC File Checker The SMC file checker and format type converter which checks and compares checksums on Snes roms. A great way of determining if your rom is original and in perfect working order.
SMCRen Tired of SF840013488305532774.058 or BAH.SMC style filenames? (I had to use that line) Then SMCRen is for you. SMCRen scans an SNES rom and using the CRC stated in the .txt file, it renames the rom accordingly. This is a very good program if you have downloaded a rom, and have no idea what it is, it will know. But only the roms that are in the .txt file so far... in the future, this list will grow. Till then, this will have to do. Besides, it has almost 1000 roms in the list, so go ahead, check out this program. It also has the abiliby of changing the rom names of GameBoy, and lynx roms.
Snes Explorer A nice utility that lets you change the headers, and what-not in your SNES roms. Take a look.
SNES Rom Deinterleaver This small utility simply deinterleaves SNES roms.
SnesRL This has to be the most crappy SNES game lister ever made. All it does is a "DIR *.SMC /S >ROMLIST.TXT". If you use it you're stupid. This program is not worth to download, even less worthy of existing.
SnesTool Similar to SegaTool, heck, it's made by the same people, SnesTool can do just about anything to a rom. A requirement in my book to all snes emulation enthusiasts.
ZIPALL This handy tool allows you to zip up all of your SNES ROMs with only one command.