Audio Rippers Utilities

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Name Description
AYMake The purpose of AYmake is to allow the creation of new AY files - the "ZXAMEMUL" format originally used by DeliAY (add-on part of the DeliTracker) on the Amiga. AY files are specifically for the playing of "128K music" using the AY-3-8912 soundchip at I/O addresses 49149 and 65533. According to standards it *CANNOT* be used for playing 128K samples or any 48K (internal speaker) sound. This is to maintain compatibility with the original player on the Amiga, however AYmake will allow you to make songs which have these in them since AYplay V0.2 can handle them. In addition, AY files can also play Amstrad CPC tunes (using the CPC ports), but AYplay is not very good at playing these!

AYMake requires the DOS/4GW extender. Download and uncompress it to the same directory as AYMake or somewhere in the path.

gsfopt Gsf set optimizer / timer, revised for accurately identifying any from 1 to 255 loops, 98% of the time. All ripped sets should be optimized before release, to remove unused code/data unrelated to music playback. Now also able to do gsf2rom conversions, with proper lib handling automatically.
minigsf Numbered minigsf creation utility, where the offset is known.
NES2NSF NES2NSF is a NSF compilation tool for use on a NES ROM file in it’s iNES form. the ini file has settings that you the user can configure to define search patterns and what type of output. This program appears to have problems on some multiple 32K bank NES games. This application is in Japanese.
PSF-o-Cycle PSF-o-Cycle is a companion tool for PSFLab which lets you: patch game EXE files using compiled C code, rather than hand assembly; mass-optimize a list of PSF files without having to babysit each one; automatically set the Length and Fade tags using the optimizer; recompress using the new 7-Zip Deflate algorithm (a 2 to 10% improvement); and upgrade the driver code in a list of PSFs, while leaving the song data intact.

This utility does not support minipsf, psflib, or psf2 files.

PSFLab Looking to create PSFs? You'll probably want this! PSFLab is a full Windows GUI utility for creating, debugging, editing, testing, and optimizing PSFs.

This utility does not support minipsf or psflib yet.

rom2gsf Program to turn a rom into a gsf file. This is used mostly with manual rips.
saptapper Automated Sappy Driver audio ripper for Nintendo GameBoy Advance ROM files. Not all games are ripped 100%, but it will log what it found to be sappy compatible, where it couldn't find the remaining calls required. In these cases, knowing Thumb/Arm Assembly will be required to finish the ripping process. Also, you will need to know thumb/arm assembly to deal with games using other sound drivers, such as krawall (Harry Potter series, Lord or the Ring series), AAS (payback), or other custom drivers.

Please do not change the gsfby tag that it outputs, or if you do, put a * by it. Check here to find out why. In general, it is best to leave that tag as is.

SNESSOR95 This program lets you browse SNES ROMs as if they were CDs, then you can save all the .wavs at once, at whatever frequency you like, or save your current one. You can also choose to save all the sounds together as one file. SNESSOR95 requires the use of a temp.wav file in your current directory until the author gets around to to allowing it to play directly from memory.