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Handy little application that lets you play most, if not all, PSX sounds. For example, FF games' musics are played like MIDI; with PSound you will be only able to play the sounds of instruments that are used to play the musics, but not the music itself (except those that are recorded within the movies). Fairly new project, but updated frequently.Download SoundReaver2 in order to play Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2 sounds with PSound!

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Operating System: Win32

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v2.00 06/25/2010 96.31 KB Download


Satish Kumar says:
If its possible to put application screenshots on webpage then it would be more better for visitors.

Fiska says:
This app rocks. I used it to rip all of the Castlevania: SotN sounds, and I used the potion "brrrING" sound effect as my notification app for my OkCupid sound on my smartphone. Good times.

jah abobkr says:
in the last sound of a chime, it gets very very very very very very creepier and more eirre

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