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This tool allows you to demultiplex (split) a PSS movie file into it's component MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio streams, and multiplex (join) an MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio stream into a PSS movie file. The author wrote this tool with DVD ripping in mind. PSS Plex comes with a tutorial to teach you how you can use it to downsample PSS movie files in order to retain them. The tutorial includes Zone of the Enders, Extermination, Warriors of Might & Magic, Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, and X-Winter Games examples.Lite version does not include required VB6 runtimes. The full version does.

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Operating System: Windows

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v1.1.0(Full) 11/22/01 2.83 MB Download
v1.1.0(Lite) 11/22/01 916.05 KB Download


chungus says:
Works fine on windows 10

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