Lunar IPS

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Lunar IPS is intended as an easy to use, lightweight IPS patch utility for windows to replace DOS program. It can both create and apply IPS patches.

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Operating System: Windows

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Lunar IPS 1.02 09/18/2014 58.47 KB Download


Thepikahu says:
i think this is awesome

pickachu786 says:
this game rocks.the same storyline as the anime's.
my brother is very happy

Yolo says:
DON'T download this! it has some sort of malware!

ubuntumaster says:
works for linux while running under WINE, i have patched many roms and no errors

phazon suit patch glitch says:
i fell through the floor

luis says:

Josher12 says:
don't listen to yolo it works fine

HI says:
this is nice 4 hacking smw!

VBAGXPlayah says:
no viruses, just works (now to find out how to hack with this XD)

mouseuz says:
doesn't work with windows 7 64 bit

bruuuh says:
@Yolo how do you know if it has malware?

Jiro says:
@Yolo It works just fine dude

ken says:
it is good

idk a username says:
does this work for sm64 rom hacks?

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