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JIPS in an IPS patcher which was written written in Java so it can run on Linux, Solaris, Windows and MacOS.

Author's website: http://zerosoft.zophar.net/

Operating System: Windows

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
3.0 03/11/02 13.61 KB Download


stan says:
Does not work

Ivan says:
Works like a charm on Windows 8.1 x64

Bethany says:
ivan your full of shit it says its for OS X

Not Ivan says:
Bethany, please, don't be retarded. It's a Java app, which means as long as you have Java installed on your computer, you can run it. It doesn't give as much as half a fuck about what OS you're on.

Also, it's "_you're_ full of shit".

Xezlec says:
DO NOT USE THIS. It does not produce the correct patched file. The resulting file length is wrong, and while it may play for a little while, it eventually breaks. Even worse, the "backup" file it creates is also corrupt. Whoever wrote this doesn't know what they're doing. If you're looking for a tool for Mac, there are others.

Barry B. Benson says:
It works I guess.
Aside from some parts not loading correctly (I only used this to have an english version of rhythm tengoku for gba) which might even be the patch's fault it works completely fine.

Legitendo says:
I can confirm that this program is broken! The game boots, but most of the game's text was corrupted. I then used a different program (Flips) and that worked correctly.

datcuandrei says:
Will take this JIPS and rework it for modern times and ensure it will work as intended. It will be available on GitHub once I finish it and I will link it here once it is finished. Wish me luck!

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