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Utility for patching .IPS patches to ROM files.

Operating System: MacOS

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
2.1 03/26/01 37.68 KB Download


Jared says:
Download is not working on my mac. Why?

Ibiss says:
Jared, Try other download.

Banryu says:
Um excuse me what is this other download of which you speak? I am having same problem as Jared.

Gamizard says:
Old program from the Mac OS <10 era, that is why it doesn't work these days, get an old macintosh emulator.

xkeezmovies says:
Use HFVExplorer to create a "virtual hard drive" to store games ("Format new volume" in File Menu). Call it "Games", then save it as either Games.DSK or Games.HFV file in c:\basiliskii, although we recommend .HFV since it's hard disk format. Make sure you have enough space for the games as well-- 5 or 10MB is a good size. After this is done, you'll see a new drive called Games in the left hand side of HFVExplorer window.

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