"King of Fighters" trainers

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Trainers for using the King of fighters games with NeoRageX

Author's website: http://kofperfect.hypermart.net/

Operating System: Win9x

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
KOF 94 09/06/00 78.55 KB Download
KOF 95 09/06/00 68.42 KB Download
KOF 96 09/06/00 77.76 KB Download
KOF 97 09/06/00 49.44 KB Download


melonstube says:
Emulators have many uses other than piracy. Why have a stack of 10 different console machines and 20 different controllers (SMS, Genesis, Nintendo, SNES, N64, NeoGeo, Game Boy, Game Gear, Jaguar, Colecovision) when you can play all your games on one computer and a single pair of controllers?

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