NES Utilities

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Game Name Description
1942 Schnapsidee So far, this 1942 editor can change palettes, screens, block attributes and block TSA.
Adventures of Lolo haled This is an editor for Adventures of Lolo 1 and was originally called vile. It can edit levels, enemies, and block colors.
Arkanoid ArkEdit This is a editor for the game Arkanoid. And edits all 32 or 36 levels of the game depending on if the game is japanese or the us version as it supports both.
Astyanax AstyaEd This is a level editor from DogSoft for Astyanax. It is pretty simple and straightforward to use.
Batman BatDance A level editor for Batman by Mega-Dog.
Battle City Quarrel This is a level editor for Battle City for the NES. In addition to editing the level setup, you can also edit your starting info, including # of lives and tank type.This is a Greek translation of Quarrel by Vag of GreekRoms
Blaster Master Blaster Construction Kit This is a Blaster Master data editor/viewer by Benjamin Cutler. Features include editing of blocks, maps, enemies, gateways, and a few other things.
Boulder Dash Quarry This is a level editor for Boulder Dash for the NES.
Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble Level Editor This is a level editor for Bubble Bobble for Nintendo.
Bubble Bobble Bubble Ed A bubble bobble level editor by Mega-Dog.
Bubble Bobble Bubbled This is a graphical editor that lets you edit all 112 levels of Bubble Bobble. It's easy to expand and to distribute your own hacks.
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle Carrot This is a level editor for the NES game, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle. Right now, you can edit the levels, enemies, and level headers.
Castlevania Castle Level Twister Castle Level Twister edits only the first level in Castlevania 1 NES so far.
Castlevania Castlevania Castle Constructor Appears to edit the layout of the Castlevania levels.
Castlevania CV1Edit Kent Hansen has officially been dubbed the Level Edit Guru by Zophar's Domain. This editor is for Castlevania1, and basically edits all of the levels. However, the order of the rooms is wrong since Kent Hansen hasn't found the roomorder table yet.
Castlevania Stake You can edit the levels of the original Castlevania with this tool, including palettes, stairs, doors, entrances, enemies, the ending, intro, platforms and much, much more.
Castlevania 2 Simon Says This is a Castlevania 2 editor that currently edits every level in the game with some bugs.
Castlevania 3 reVamp This utility by rouki allows lots of level/BG/sprite editing in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest CursEd Level/Enemy/NPC/Text/Graphic Editor for Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. By never-obsolete.
Crystal Mines Crystal Mines Editor An Crystal Mines level editor that is said to edit levels 1 - 5.
Crystalis CryEdit The editor only edits the very first area of the game.
Dragon Slayer IV (Legacy of the Wizard) DS4Ed This program can edit the map from Dragon Slayer IV (Legacy of the Wizard).
Dragon Slayer IV (Legacy of the Wizard) DS4Viewer This program can view the map from Dragon Slayer IV (Legacy of the Wizard) and take a snapshot.
Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior 1 Massive Data Editor This is a Dragon Warrior 1 data editor and that edits most of the stats of characters and also stats of monsters and what the shops sell.
Dragon Warrior Town Edit This is a Dragon Warrior 1 town editor and edits other features of the game as well including the overworld maps.
Dragon Warrior 2-4 Dragon Warrior X Overworld Editor This is a Dragon Warrior 2,3,4 overworld editor made in Visual Basic. You can also edit the teleporters in Dragon Warrior 2. Also you can edit the world in Dragon Warrior 1 but you cant save it. Use townedit instead. **DISCONTINUED**
Dragon Warrior 3 Wookie: (DW3 Fight Ring Editor) Wookie is very much like the EWOK editor above (for Dragon Warrior IV). The editor allows you to change bouts and set odds for the fights in the Fight Ring.
Dragon Warrior 4 EWOK: (DW4 Casino Editor) A Dragon Warrior IV Rom Editor for tweaking the Monsters that fight in the Casino. You can adjust the odds, and pick which enemies fight out of all the enemies in the game (including dummied ones...). This Editor is very similar to the wookie editor below (for Dragon Warrior III).
Dragon Warrior/Quest 3 DQ3E This program can view the enemies from NES/Famicom Dragon Quest III/Dragon Warrior III.
Dragon Warrior/Quest 3 DQ3M This program can view the map from NES/Famicom Dragon Quest III/Dragon Warrior III.
Final Fantasy 1 FF Windows This editor from Gavin can arrange the following items on screen: Class Title, Character Sprites, Hand Cursor Starting Positions, Blue Windows and Character Names.
Final Fantasy 1 FFHackster Wow! The current version is a vast improvement over the previous ones. This utility can edit a lot of features for Final Fantasy 1. Some of the most interesting features - Give any character spells & spell points, Treasure Chest Editing, Text Editing, Map Editing (All maps in the game!) and lots more!
Final Fantasy 1 Final Fantasy 1 Improvement The creators of Mario Improvement &amp; Zelda Improvement have done it again, this time allowing you to edit the Final Fantasy 1 overworld &amp; town maps. This utility is just as good as (if not better than) the other utilities in the Improvement series &amp; allows you to do tile by tile editing.
Final Fantasy 1 Final Fantasy Spell Editor A program written in Visual basic, will allow you to edit the rom file of your Final Fantasy game. It lets you change the spells you have, and other things. Check it out..
Final Fantasy 2 (J) Jade This is a Final Fantasy 2 editor that's still in development. So far, it can edit stats, spells, gear, proficiencies and monster stats. Sprite editing has not yet been implemented.
Final Fantasy 3 (J) FF3Hackster This Editor lets you edit the 4 Overworld Maps of FF3J.
Final Fantasy 3 (J) FF3j Enemy Editor As the name suggests, this tool can edit stats of all enemies on FF3j.
G.I Joe AppleJuice A G.I Joe level editor by Mega-Dog.
Ghosts n' Goblins GngEdit Kent Hansen, the main reason I had to make this page :), has done it again! This is an editor for that really frickin' hard NES game, Ghosts n' Goblins. It's mouse driven, letting you point and click your own Ghosts and Goblins game. If you want to make the game even harder, or easier, or whatever, get this.
Ghosts n' Goblins GNGWin This is an editor by Mega-Dog which currently edits every level and tiles. Pretty soon item, enemy and map editors should be implemented.
Goonies II GoonEdit Does Kent Hansen ever sleep? Yet ANOTHER awesome, cool, and fun level editor! This level editor edits the NES classic, Goonies II. I'd like to see a new version of this game, as well as with the other editors; if you actually do one (we're not talking 1 screen), please tell me.
Guardian Legend Labyrinth Master This utility from M.L. Perry recreates the entire overworld map of Naju, letting the player experience a new world everytime they play.
Gunsmoke GunEdit SnowBro Software, Kent Hansen's 1-man programming army, has released YET another level editor! This will let you design levels for that redundant, yet incredibly fun NES game you could play for hours on end, GunSmoke.
Karnov FatCamp A Karnov level editor by Mega-Dog.
Kid Icarus KidEdit Another good level editor, this one is from the author of NESemu, Kent Hansen. It edits the levels of the NES classic, Kid Icarus. Have fun with this one!
Kung Fu 2 Kung Fu 2 Bitstring Packer And Unpacker Written by Parasyte,these are unpackers and repackers for the compressed bitstrings used to store the script and other game data.
Legend of Zelda Dungeon Master Dungeon Master is a new util for editing Zelda's dungeons.
Legend of Zelda Zelda Improvement WOW! from the genius who brought you Mario Improvement, and half of zsnes and the NES scene owner himself comes Zelda Improvement. This great little nes utility lets you move around any of the squares in zelda and switch them around to make your own zelda maps, definitely a fun and extremely creative utility.
Legend of Zelda Zelda Tech Zelda Tech is an overworld editor for Zelda, and a pretty good one at that. See Dungeon Master for a dungeon editor from the same author.
Legend of Zelda ZELDIT This is a level editor for the dungeons in the original Legend of Zelda.
MegaMan Rock and Roll Dan's Rock and Roll is an editor for the first MegaMan on the NES, and supports the three clean dumps of the American (U), European (E), and Japanese (J) versions of the game. You can edit all of the levels, TSA, solidity, attributes, enemies, scrolling, room order, music tracks, palettes and statistics.
Megaman 1-2 visine This is a Mega Man 1 & 2 level editor by Fx3. It includes all 8 robots and Wily levels, and many other features.
Megaman 3 Mega-Edit 3 Mega-Edit 3 is a Mega Man 3 level editor. You can edit sprites, scrolls, blocks, and the palette. This is a Windows port done by drano.
Megaman 3-5 MegaFLE MegaFLE is a level editor for Megaman 3-5 and can edit the following: Tiles, Blocks, Structures, Screens, Palettes, Screen Usage and Direction Maps. This utility is made in QuickBasic.
Megaman 6 sixtans This is a Megaman VI level editor that edits all levels and all bosses, 16x16 TSA support (Tile Squaroid Assembler, making the structures), Basic palette edit (Normal and Passed level).
Metroid Editroid If you can't hack Metroid, turn to Editroid. This is a full featured editor where you can visually edit the game's map, structures (the sets of blocks that comprise the game), and more, even the item placement. It's a very good piece of work. *Note* Keep in mind that it requires the .Net Framework 2.0.
Metroid MetEdit Heck yeah! Another incredible release from the author of NESemu, Kent Hansen. It edits the vast mazes of the NES classic, Metroid. This utility is really fun!
Monster Party Monster Rapist Introducing Monster Rapist, a new level editor for the NES game Monster Party. This editor will allow you to edit all levels in the game, as well as all background pallettes. You can even change which pallette is displayed where on the levels. See the enclosed readme file for details. Author - Jomb
Ninja Gaiden NinJax Level editor for Ninja Gaiden.
Radia Radia Decompressor The author, Jair, describes this as a pretty limited program. All it does is extract the compressed word table from Radia into a Thingy-format TBL file. It outputs in romaji instead of real kana, because the author's computer doesn't have Japanese capability (yet). Worse, some of the words aren't extracted correctly, because they contain other compressed words. Hey, feel free to download and improve it if you want, the source is included.
RBI Baseball RBI Baseball Manager With RBI Baseball Manager, you can transform the teams into the latest MLB players - or anyone you choose
Rush'n Attack Trip'n Slip This is a pretty complete level editor for Rush'n Attack. It supports editing of full levels, TSA/Attributes, palettes, 8x8 tiles, enemies, and ROM properties. It can also create IPS patches!
Rygar Rygar Improvement Rygar Improvement is yet another one of those kickass NES level editors. It was coded by Chris Hickman of Archaic Ruins, and ROM Hacking was done by Jay McGraven.&nbsp;
Solomon's Key Solomon's Web Edit This is the first example of an online level editor that I've ever seen. It's for Solomon's Key and allows you to change the basic layout of the levels. You can preview the effect of your changes and then download the relevant patch file.
Super Mario Bros. 3 SMB3TE Mario 3 title editor by never-obsolete.
Super Mario Brothers 1 Mario Improvement This is probably the greatest little program ever released, i personally love it. This program can be used to edit the mario.nes file to create your OWN CUSTOM Mario Bros. levels! Current features include a GUI, mouse functions, and tons of blocks.
Super Mario Brothers 1 Mario's Beauty Salon This little program appears to allow you to edit the colors on the various parts of Mario. Simple, but kinda cool.
Super Mario Brothers 1 SMB Utility This is a Super Mario Bros 1 editor. Edits all levels and room arrangement and enemies and many other features. SMB Utility also has a built in emulator for testing. This is the Japanese version.
Super Mario Brothers 1 SMB 1 Rom Text Editor This is a Super Mario Bros. 1 text editor.
Super Mario Brothers 1 SMB-Fix This is a tool to fix a Super Mario Bros. 1 rom. It can fix the trainer, the no title screen version, and bad timing.
Super Mario Brothers 1 YY-MarioEditor This is simply another Mario level editor.
Super Mario Brothers 2 The SMB2 Discombobulator This utility for Win9x allows you to edit the levels for Super Mario Bros. 2 for NES and SNES. It also has preliminary support for Doki Doki Panic. Now you can add enemies and objects as well. The source code is also available for VB5.0 or higher. Unzip the smb2ini file to your Windows directory.
Super Mario Brothers 3 Mario Improvement 3 Here is a pretty cool utility. Like Mario Improvement (different author) for the mario.nes file, this one edits the Mario Bros. 3 rom. So far, it worked flawlessly on all the levels I have tried. Check it out now.
Super Mario Brothers 3 The SMB3 Discombobulator This is just like the SMB2 Discombobulator, but for Super Mario 3 (duh...)
Super Mario Brothers 3 Vegas This simple SMB3 editor allows you to change N-Spade Card Base Deck, giving it whatever combination of cards you like. You can also change the power-up you receive from them.
Tecmo Bowl Flash Tecmo Editor High on the list of best level editors are editors for the various NES Tecmo football games. I'm not complaining, because it was the only respectable football game out there until the Madden series came out. Here's another for that list, so enjoy.
Tecmo Bowl Tecmo Super Bowl Manager This utility, for all you NES football fanatics out there, can do just about ANYTHING to your Tecmo Bowl NES ROM. It's Windows-based, for point and click editing fun! Update the rosters, turn the Dallas Cowboys colors pink, add your hometown, or put your friends' names in the game; this can do it all!
Ultima II Ultima II The Quest of the Avatar Map Editor Basically edits the overworld map in Ultima II.
Wrecking Crew Demolition A level editor for the NES game, Wrecking Crew.The Greek translation.
Wrecking Crew WCEdit Kent Hansen does too many of these utilities. This one is a level editor for another NES classic, Wrecking Crew. I say the more the merrier, I guess.
Zelda 2 Zelda2 Editor This is an overworld and sideview editor for Zelda2. It's coded by the same author who wrote the Dragon Warrior Town editor.