Nintendo Utilities

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Name Description
FDS Spray This is a utility to maintain and update your Famicom Disk System ROM files.
Fix Fix is a small utility that fixes mapper problems for NES roms on iNES 0.7 (and NESTICLE 0.4).. it fixes roms that use mappers 15 and below that won't run because of titles by progs like nesimage.
NES Header Checker This program allows you to check, clean, and edit iNES format header files.
NESToy This utility is for NES/Famicom ROMs in .nes format. Through a database, this utility identifies NES ROMs, and can repair bad headers, and rename ROMs with long filename descriptions.
NESToy32 Essentially a Win32 iteration of NESToy, it's quicker, more streamlined, and with interface enhancements and greater control over its organizational features. It performs the same repair, renaming, and identification functions.
TetaNES A very helpful utility for NES roms. Extremely versatile, allows for easy conversion between pasofami/iNES/FFe/Famicom rom formats. Other features include a rom zip-up feature, a rom list utility, and many other assorted tools.