Nintendo 64 Utilities

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Game Name Description
GoldenEye 007 Face Mapper This is a utility to map your face (or someone else's face) to just about any face in GoldenEye...the first version requires a GameShark with a comms port and a PC running XP. This version works with PJ64 savestates and has similar functions to it's big brother. This is a user created face pack...contains everything from Sean Connery to Mr T!
GoldenEye GoldenEye ROM Editor This util will edit up to 1,743 graphics from the GE ROM...that's nearly every graphic within the game! Has the option to save changes to the ROM or to an IPS patch file.Place these into the user directory of the ROM editor...contains many custom textures, some very suprising.
Perfect Dark Perfect Dark Face Mapper This util can modify roughly 300 graphics in the game per level, works by editing PJ64 savestates.
Perfect Dark/GoldenEye PD/GE FaceMapper A combination of the above PD and GE Face Mappers, this works on either GoldenEye or Perfect Dark PJ64 savestates, to edit images from either game.