Multi-System Utilities

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Name Description
CartList A collection of programs useful for cataloguing roms. It includes a naming tool with a comprehensive database of titles, a utility to organize and intelligently list rom files, and a utility with which you can compare previously generated lists.
CDCGL CDCGL, or Compact Disc Console Game List, allows you to "check" the game you have for various cd game system and export a miss & have file, just like the Good Tools, but you have to check them manually.
DataMa Makes data files from a list of zipped roms, for use with the RomCenter auditing utility.
DiskSort File renamer for disk-image based emulators. Supports PRG, P00, CRT, T64, D64, G64, and TAP. Plimenary Amiga ADf/ADZ support.
Duper A universal ROM manipulation utility and collection manager. Allows for easy detection of duplicates, and editing of SNES, NES, Gameboy, Genesis, 32X, and N64 roms, as well as MP3 ID3 tags. Also includes zip support.
EMUTools A collection of utilities by Marat Fayzullin, designed to handle, compare, list, disassemble, and otherwise manipulate rom images. It also includes a tool for playing and converting .SND and .PSG sound files.
Fin-Dup A great utility that searches through your roms to find copies or 'Dupes' to make sure you don't have two of the same file. Works great with ANY kind of file type not just roms.
IcoRoms An Icon replacement tool. Slightly more complex below the hood, it facilitates complete registration of your roms. You can set new Icons (a library of presets is included) for both rom files and emulator SaveStates, as well as assigning the extensions to open using your emulator of choice.
Reporter Reporter generates html or text lists of roms that you are missing using the information from Good Tools, Rom Doctor, and ClrMame Pro (you must have those utilities on your computer - consult the README.txt for more information.)
Rom Doctor This utility uses various databases available on the home page and through an update feature within the progam to create a standard naming system for the various ROMs on your system. Make sure to check the home page to get the various databases available.
Rom List Compiler An utility that scans the current directory for any filetype (especially rom files) and generates a small text file containing the filenames, sizes, and room for comments.
ROM Organizer This is a ROM organizing tool for the Mac by Richard Bannister. It currently supports as many as 38,000 ROMs for 23 different systems. It's a pretty nice program, but it's shareware. The price has been reduced to $15 USD.
ROM Zip A nice utility to convert your ROMs to ZIP files. Very good for the new ZSNES that is comming out which has ZIP support. Check it out if you dont want to do it manually..
Rom Zipper Another utility to convert ROMs to ZIPs, and visa versa. This program requires a Visual Basic OCX file, and the VB Runtime files which you can download off of the site. Check it out. But if you don't have the files, its a big download.
Romalyzer Analyzes sets of ROMs using Tosec, GoodXXX, and other databases.
RomCenter This is a really fast ROM checker that can detect and repair bad or useless ROMs, fix filenames for good ROMs that have bad filenames etc. A good utility to have. Has support for ZIP files too. Last update: 2009-03-29
RomDir This utility is used to list all ROMs in a directory (currently only N64 ROMs), and can then export the list to a TXT or HTML file. It lists the name of the game, country, size, and system (for when other systems are supported).
RomSort Two utilities, RomSort supports RomDoctor and Good* files to rename ROM files and JSort uses JSheriff .crc files to rename JPEG files.
ROMulus ROMulus let's you rename a ROM and all the files associated with it in one easy click. You can also completely uninstall ROMs and their files!
Stalker Another nice utility to convert your ROMs to ZIP files. Very good for the new ZSNES that is comming out which has ZIP support. Check it out if you dont want to do it manually..
TUGID Currently a ROM renamer, TUGID is intended to be a complete database, giving the kinds of information about the games and files a true emu-fan would want to know.
uCON Aah uCON, one of those utilities that you have, then delete, only to find the next thing you download requires it. Used to do anything imaginable to a rom, uCON can ips patch, convert between image formats, join multi images, and much MUCH more. A must have for ANY emulation enthusiast.
uCON64 uCON64 is a tool to modify video game ROMs and to transfer ROMs to the different backup units/emulators that exist. It is based on the old uCON but with completely new source. It aims to support all cartridge consoles and handhelds like N64, JAG, SNES, NG, GENESIS, GB, GBA, LYNX, ATARI, PCE, SMS, GG, NES, NGP and their backup units. There is now a Solaris Binary.uf-Fox is a handy frontend for uCON will work only on versions 2.0.0 and up.
ZapManager ZapManager v1.01 (by djvonfunkin and FitzRoy) is a verification tool that allows people to compare their files' hash values against those recorded by a trusted source. It is designed to be much easier to use than other multi-system verification tools. Because I am personally interested in console preservation, many inhouse databases are already available, but any dumping project can use ZapManager for their databases.