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Thingy32 is the Win32 port of Thingy. It is very close to the original, with the following improvements: Window sizing, Change address by scroll bar, GUI is a little easier,Hide hexadecimal pane, Triple byte table values, Double byte line/section breaks, international support(currently only translation is Spanish). Also, the text coloring feature was removed from the original. Newest improvements include an options menu, ability to load new file and table, reload current table, and fixed manual insertion. Also many small bugfixes.

Operating System: windows

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y4 says:
Error when trying to run in WinXP:
Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid

Where to get this missing file?

Billnonymous says:
Trying to run this in 2020 just out of curiosity of why it was lauded so highly. Same OCX error. Going down a rabbit hole trying to install VB6 runtime stuff on a modern OS, for a program that is probably pretty mediocre for translation purposes

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