General Utilities

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Name Description
BnuView BnuView is a binary viewer/editor that currently supports NES, GB and 1BPP format. This is a welcome tool for all Unix ROM hackers since no public graphics hacking tools for Unix really existed until now!
DirectEd This is like... amazing... You can edit graphics in Gameboy, NES, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo Pocket Color, SNES/PC Engine, Sega Master System/Gamegear/Wonder Swan Color, and Sega Genesis format. Yeah, that's a big list. It has a friendly TLayer-esque format and is just all around good stuff to play with. You'll need Windows and a recent version of DirectX on your computer to use it. Try it and I guarantee you'll like it.
Fatilety Fatilety is a tile editor for many formats and easy to use. Supports most formats from 1bpp - 8bpp. And is easy to use.
FEIDIAN FEIDIAN is basically a graphics dumping utility that allows you to bypass the traditional graphics hacking utilities (e.g. tile editors). It's extremely versatile and OS independent, a great advantage if you don't want to use Windows to do your hacking.
Infontile Infontile is a bitplane-based graphical-tile file editor and translation tool.
Mortar This is a frontend for Tile Layer, also found on this page. I didn't know where I should put this one, so here it is!
MrClick's TilEd MrClick's TilEd is an Multi-Console Tile Editor with quite a lot of different tile modes supported including Gameboy Advanced tiles. It is written in Visual Basic and is therefore not very fast but easy to handle and quite flexible. The main intention of TilEd was to make it an alternative for Snowbro's Tile Layer which was and still is the ROM hacking communities' prefered tile editor.
Naga Naga is a lightning fast sprite editor which was initially designed for editing Snes roms but will probably work with other roms. This editor supports 8x8 and 16x16 tiles as well as variable width compression editing.
Peer Sprite Viewer This utility is used to view the sprites out of games for many systems. This uses the .NET framework, so be sure you have the appropriate runtimes installed so you can use this.
Rom Graphics Cracker This utility is used to edit and change the graphics in NES, SNES, Virtual Boy, and SMS rom images.
ROM Graphix ROM Graphix is a utility to load, convert and resave ROM graphics data in either bitmap (BMP) or ROM (dat) form.
Scale2x Scale2x is a utility that is used to improve the quality of a png image. It was originally developed for AdvanceMAME in 2001, but it has since been incorporated into many other emulation projects, including Raine, Virtual Boy Advance, and DosBox.
Tile Layer A very useful utility for editing NES/GB/SMS/VB/SNES tiles, written by Kent Hansen. Features include a tile editor (of course), a clipboard for cutting and pasting, multiple ROM loading, x/y tile flipping, gui + mouse support, and no corrupt headers like with X-Late! If you're into NES ROM hacking, get this.
Tile Layer Pro A Windows and up-to-date alternative to Tile Layer which supports formats 1BPP,NES,GB/C, VB, NGPC,SNES (3BPP/4BPP), SMS, Genesis and a few others. You can edit more than 256 tiles at once, REALLY fast with no DirectX, Tile Arranger, user-defined RGB, NES, GBC and SNES palette (256 entries), resizable windows, tile flip x/y, rotate 90 degrees, shift up/down/left/right, copy/paste and drag&drop, undo up to the last 64 operations, export/import BMPs, auto checksum for GB/C roms, zoom in/out and goto offset. If you hack roms or develop consoles, you definitely want this. A hacked version has been added that works with .bin files.
Tile Molester Tile Molester is the next generation of tile editors. It has compatibility for GameBoy, NES, SNES, Master System, Genesis, TG-16, NeoGeo, Virtual Boy, Wonderswan, X68000, and Nintendo 64. It requires at least version 1.4.2 of J2SE.
TilEd2002 TilEd 2002 is an advanced, feature-rich tile editor with a modern state-of-the-art and easy to use GUI, who supports all sorts of tile formats: Snes, Nes, Mega Drive, Master System, Gameboy/GB Color/GB Advance, Virtua Boy, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket and Wonderswan, many of them even with several different tile modes. Also, it can load the color palettes in the save states from many popular emulators: Zsnes, Nesticle, No$Gmb, Boycott and Cygne. TilEd 2002 is programmed in Visual Basic 6 (unlike the old TilEd which used an old version of VB). VB 6 doesn't use the slow P-Code anymore, it compiles to native machine code, so it's much faster now - not slow at all anymore.
Xchar Xchar by the creators of Xlate is a tile editor for rom images. Basically what that means is that with this, you can make your own sprites in effect completely changing an already created game. This has been know as 'Hacking' roms and if used correctly can come out very nice, and extremely fun.
YY CHR This tool is a Windows based tile editor for many console game systems.