Game Boy Utilities

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Game Name Description
Kirby's Block Ball Kirby's Balls This is a level editor for the Game Boy game Kirby's Block Ball. It edits everything but the boss and bonus levels.
Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Nephi Another level editor from DES, this one by MatrixZ and Jigglysaint. It's made to edit the levels of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX for the GBC. The latest version can edit dungeons, enemies, rooms, and palettes.
Metroid 2 M2Edit For now, this is the only editor for Metroid 2 (Gameboy) available. The Editor is incomplete and was discontinued but the project has resumed. More information is available at the Author's Website.
Pokemon Gold Pokemon Gold Sprite Editor This Sprite editor allows you to edit more than 60 of the sprites in Pokemon Gold (or Silver). Sprites may be loaded with the color palette of your choice and images are scaled at 8x8 a pixel.
Pokemon Gold and Silver Gold Map Gold Map allows you to change maps, events, and wild pokemon in pokemon gold and silver.
Pokemon Red and Blue Pokemap Simple map editor for Pokemon Red and Blue which supports 6 tilesets, 63 maps and 4 types of events.
Snoopy's Magic Show Hat Trick A level editor for the GB game, Snoopy's Magic Show, with the option to edit all of the game levels, as well as a number of blank ones.
Super Mario Brothers DX The SMB Relocaverburator This is the first SMBDX (the remake of SMB on GBC) level editor written in VB6.
Titus the Fox Titus the Fox Simple Hacker This is a simple program for Titus the Fox. It can change the number of lives, starting level, and how much Energy you have.