Game Boy Advance Utilities

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Game Name Description
Final Fantasy V Advance Final Fantasy V Advance Editor It edits both the US and Japanese versions of the ROM. It makes it easy to increase/decrease how easy or difficult the game is, and makes it possible to create semi-custom jobs.
Metroid Fusion / Zero Mission Double Helix A level editor for both Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission, Double Helix is a complete reprogramming of Zero Fission by interdpth. Edits levels, text, graphics and clip data.
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire AdvanceMap 1.49 This is a map editor for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, similar to the one for Red and Silver.
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire PokemonCryGUI Suite Replaces game sounds with custom wav files. This was written for the German version of the game, so you might have to change the offset if you want to use the US version.