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    Snes9x 1.62 released

    Git release page Edit: ~3 hours ago 1.62.1 was released: Edit²: 6 hours ago 1.62.2 was released: Edit³: This one got by me over the weekend as it was released Thursday...
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    Snes9x 1.6 released

    Git post here: Text as follows: The biggest changes in this release are some reversions which fix a couple games, some accuracy improvements which fix a couple more games, and some optimizations that speed things up a bit. The Windows...
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    Snes9x 1.59.2 released

    Forum post by the Win32 dev here: Full text: Many things changed in this release. The largest change is a refactoring of the sound handling, which means sound should work better than before and consume less CPU time. Important Notes...
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